Aaron Wenzloff and Shareese Pryor Warn Against Quotas in Community Policing and Engagement

Aaron Wenzloff (’10), Senior Assistant Attorney General at the Illinois Office of the Attorney General, and Shareese Pryor (’11), Senior Staff Counsel and Director of Justice Reform at BPI, were mentioned in a Chicago Sun Times article regarding the State Attorney General’s office memo, signed by Aaron, issuing recommendations in response to the Chicago Police Department’s quota-driven approach to “positive community interactions” (PCIs) and urging suspension of the plan (“Chicago Police Plan For 1.5M ‘Positive’ Interactions ‘Deeply Problematic,’ Attorney General Says,” Mar. 14). The Feb. 7 memo states, “As you are likely aware, the use of quotas in law enforcement — whether described as goals, targets, performance standards or activity metrics — is deeply problematic.” Shareese, who negotiated the Chicago Police consent decree and oversaw reforms, also pointed to the danger of PCIs presenting a pretext for stop and search and “a history of over-policing and negative police encounters.”