Terri Gerstein Proposes a Worker Advocate Badge in Response to Amazon’s Girl Scout Partnership

Terri Gerstein (’95), Director of the State and Local Enforcement Project at the Harvard Law School Labor and Worklife Program, contributed an op-ed to Teen Vogue discussing the “problematic” new partnership between Amazon and the Girl Scouts and spotlighting the broader need for labor rights education (“Amazon and the Girl Scouts Are Unlikely — and Disturbing — New Partners,” Feb. 4). “[I]s uncritically touring an exploitative warehouse really the best way for girls to learn about STEM? The Amazon-Girl Scouts program lands with a thud not only into the pit of Amazon’s labor record but also into a glaring gap in U.S. education. . . . Creating a worker advocate badge for the Girl Scouts — and more broadly, incorporating labor education into school curricula — won’t halt the tide of economic inequality or swiftly readjust the extreme power imbalance between workers and employers. But these measures could be important first steps toward rounding out students’ understanding of the world they live in and counterbalancing the one-sided corporate messages they often hear.”