Moriah Wilkins Advocates for Affordable Housing in Charlottesville, VA

Moriah Wilkins (’21), current Fellow with the Legal Aid Justice Center, was quoted in C-VILLE Weekly regarding the University of Virginia’s plans to build affordable housing, urging UVA representatives to engage low-income neighborhoods and public housing communities in person (Moving in – UVA Wants to Build Affordable Housing. Where Should It Go?” Jan. 26). “Not everybody—especially low-income folks—has access to the internet and the same resources…so we really need to go into these communities as much as we can and engage in a way that speaks to them.” In addition to housing for elderly and disabled residents, Moriah called for creating opportunities to build generational wealth through homeownership. Spotlighting housing needs for local residents earning below $50,000 a year, Moriah noted, “A lot of the low-income housing tax credit units that we have in the community right now accommodate people who have far more than $50,000, so we need to make sure we’re targeting the right demographic.”