Mayor Jared Nicholson Shapes Vision of Inclusive Growth for Lynn, MA

Jared Nicholson (’14), Mayor of Lynn, Massachusetts, was featured in CommonWealth Magazine discussing prioritizing investment in schools, affordable housing, and workforce and economic development to benefit all (“Lynn’s New Mayor, Jared Nicholson, Vows to Oversee ‘Inclusive Growth,’” Feb. 27). “A key for us in our vision is the idea of inclusive growth. . . . Anyone that’s driven through Lynn, down the Lynnway, knows that that stretch should be a lot more than it is. It’s the Atlantic Ocean, and we can do a lot better there. What I think is really significant about the planning … is wanting to help that part of the city live up to its potential, but do it in a way that really allows the whole to be greater than the sum of its parts. So it’s not just about a bunch of projects that pencil out right next to each other, but really about taking an asset that’s really a community asset – that access to the Atlantic – and making sure we can all benefit from that.”