Eunice Cho Denounces Private Prison Workarounds to Executive Order Banning DOJ Contract Renewal

Eunice Cho (’10), Senior Staff Attorney at the ACLU National Prison Project, was quoted by Grid discussing private prison company workarounds to Biden’s executive order banning renewal of Department of Justice contracts. Strategies include shifting contracts via intergovernmental agreements, converting facilities for immigrant detention, and focus on electronic monitoring business (“A Year After Biden’s Executive Order on Private Prisons, Business Is Still Booming,” Jan. 26). Eunice called out the private prison company GEO Group’s “shell game with the government to counteract really hard-won efforts to reduce incarceration, repurpose facilities and think about shrinking the impact of mass incarceration in our society. . . . What GEO is doing is that they’re simply filling these beds with new people to continue building their astronomical profits.” Eunice considered GEO Group’s approach “a clear example of how private corporations view regressive immigration policies as an opportunity for profit,” noting, “they are … calculating that inefficient courts and a regressive court system will actually help their profit margin.”