Corene Kendrick Outlines Measures for Federal Bureau of Prisons Successor

Corene Kendrick (’03), Deputy Director of the ACLU National Prison Project, contributed an opinion to The Hill following the recent announcement of the resignation of the director of the Federal Bureau of Prisons and urged President Biden to choose a successor who would end inhumane conditions, vigorously address the COVID-19 crisis in federal prisons, and meaningfully implement the First Step Act (“A New Bureau of Prisons Director Gives Administration a Chance to Live up to Promises,” Jan. 18). “[I]t is imperative that President Biden’s choice for the next leader of the BOP be someone with the vision, skills, courage, and knowledge to provide real leadership to implement the president’s campaign promises to reduce mass incarceration and reform the department from top to bottom. This requires a person who embraces change versus someone who wants to maintain the status quo. As another highly transmissible variant spreads throughout the country, there is no time to waste.”