Alexis Yeboah-Kodie Reflects on Connecting Community through Prison Advocacy

Alexis Yeboah-Kodie (’21), current Fellow at Justice and Accountability Center of Louisiana, was quoted in Harvard Law Today discussing her work with Harvard’s Prison Legal Assistance Project representing prisoners targeted for retaliatory violence (“Justice for All,” Jan. 25). “When it comes to work that is impacting the most marginalized, the most disenfranchised, it is urgent work. As lawyers, we can play a small role, but a very useful role, if we know how to use the law as more than just legal representation.” Alexis also discussed the importance of mentoring new student attorneys: “It is vicarious trauma management. How do you handle what your client is saying to you? How do you express empathy to your clients? And how do you make sure that you’re taking care of yourself, so you can continue to advocate in the best possible way for your client?”