Alexandra Brodsky Examines the Role of Lawyers in the Feminist Movement

Alexandra Brodsky (’16), Staff Attorney at Public Justice, contributed an article to The Drift considering recent challenges to Roe v. Wade and how lawyers contribute to the feminist movement (“The Law on Trial,” Jan. 31). “So much of the last sixty years of feminist history — at least as it is popularly told, or as I heard it as a young person — has been dominated by lawyers and laws. . . . [P]erhaps the movement should not only de-emphasize lawyers but hold us at arm’s length — especially as more essential feminist work is rendered unlawful. Let me explain. . . . Legal argument is inherently conservative: it requires attorneys to accept everything the courts have said to date as the gospel and show how, based on that precedent, their side should win now. From experience, it is hard to argue in that vein for long before the rules from which you reason start to seem right.”