Nicole Hallett Advocates to Protect Immigrants’ Personal Data from Misuse by ICE

Nicole Hallett (’10), Associate Clinical Professor of Law and Director of the Immigrants’ Rights Clinic at the University of Chicago, was quoted in a Chicago WTTW News article citing her report revealing loopholes in Chicago’s Welcoming City Ordinance allowing the Chicago Police Department to share information with ICE (“Utility Giants Agree to Stop Selling Data to ICE but Some Loopholes Remain,” Dec. 16). Nicole commented on a recent announcement that the National Consumer Telecom & Utilities Exchange will stop the sale of names, home addresses and other personal information for use by ICE. “This … is really important. You can imagine that many, many people who are here undocumented have to get their water hooked up. They have to get their electricity hooked up, and to then use those records to deport them really drives people even further into the shadows.”