Eunice Cho Condemns ICE’s Ongoing Failure to Protect Immigrants in Detention from Covid-19

Eunice Cho (’10), Senior Staff Attorney at the ACLU National Prison Project, contributed an opinion to The Hill denouncing ICE’s failure to secure Covid-19 protections for immigrants in their custody, including the lack of basic safeguards, inconsistent and late administration of vaccines, and the absence of a nationwide plan to provide booster shots (“ICE’s Failure to Give Detainees Booster Shots Could Fuel Our Winter Surge,” Dec. 26). “Through its failure to act, ICE has created detention conditions that present a completely foreseeable public health disaster in the making. . . . ICE must immediately ensure that detained people are provided with vaccines and booster shots, with accessible education about the importance of the vaccine. Most importantly, ICE should immediately begin a rapid and comprehensive push to decrease the number of people held in immigration detention, and release as many people as possible to protect them — and surrounding communities — from these dangerous conditions.”