Terri Gerstein Spotlights Successful Vaccine Mandate Negotiation for Workers and Public Health

Terri Gerstein (’95)contributed a perspective to The Washington Post discussing the importance of union participation in vaccine planning and implementation and how negotiation over vaccine mandates can lead to better outcomes for all (“Unions Aren’t against Vaccines. They Just Want a Say.” Sep. 16). “Most unions have strongly supported vaccination efforts, often including mandates. . . . Wanting to negotiate . . . is not the same as opposing vaccinations or mandates. Instead, it’s about addressing important questions. Will there be paid sick leave to deal with side effects, for example? The Tyson-UFCW deal demonstrates the value of negotiation; workers won essential paid sick leave through the process. . . . There are plenty of culprits in the covid-19 picture. But unions aren’t the problem here.”