“Shelter is death.” Sam Williamson Discusses the Impact of Ending Eviction Moratorium on LGBTQ Renters

Sam Williamson (’20), current Fellow with the Homeless Persons Representation Project, was quoted in The American Independent pointing to particular vulnerabilities of LGBTQ people at risk of or experiencing homelessness following the end of the eviction moratorium (“LGBTQ Renters Forced to Make Impossible Decisions during the Eviction Crisis,” Sep. 10). “It was traumatic for folks who lost the moratorium eviction protections because people went from feeling like there was something standing between them and homelessness to feeling like there was no protection and that’s a really hard change for folks to have to deal with. . . . I’ve had, for example, a client who’s had to make the choice between ‘Do I call up my mom, who is transphobic, or do I go live on the street,’ deciding I would rather live on the street than go home to her. . . . Getting misgendered, being housed in the wrong place, being turned away because they’re wearing the wrong clothes, being called a f----- [pejorative word for gay people], those sorts of things are particular challenges for this group.”