Shayna Medley Discusses the Impact of Texas Abortion Ban on LGBTQ+ Rights

Shayna Medley (’17), Litigation Fellow at the Center for Reproductive Rights and Lecturer at Harvard Law School, authored an article for them examining the impact of state-led challenges to Roe v. Wade on LGBTQ rights (“Gutting Abortion Rights Would Be Devastating for LGBTQ+ People,” Sept. 17). “[A]s more states rush to pass their own sweeping bans now that Texas has been given the green light, abortion care will become even more difficult to access than it already is for LGBTQ+ Americans. . . . Reproductive and LGBTQ+ rights are inextricably linked. Everyone deserves the right to bodily autonomy, to health care, and to decide if, when, or how to parent children without undue interference from the state. If the Supreme Court continues to fail to affirm this fundamental right, it’s all the more urgent that each of us fight for better protections and a more just future.”