Bob Hughes Celebrates Gates Foundation Program Grantees Empowering Students through Mathematics

Bob Hughes (’90), Director of K-12 Education for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, contributed an opinion to The 74 promoting winning grant proposals making Algebra 1 more accessible, relevant and collaborative for students who are Black, Latino, English learners and/or experiencing poverty (“Hughes: Every Student is a ‘Math Person.’ With Grants of up to $1 Million, 11 Groups Will Pilot Algebra 1 Programs in Schools — and Prove It,” Aug. 11). “Every student is a ‘math person.’ We believe that working with innovators, teachers and communities, we can . . . raise students’ confidence, ability and levels of achievement. . . . All the grantees share a deep understanding of the many obstacles and biases in the way algebra is taught, a willingness to push against the norm and a firm commitment to the students and educators that they serve. We hope these projects will inspire teachers to find new ways of teaching mathematics in their own school or community.”