Theresa Cheng Addresses Surge in COVID-19 Infections in ICE Facilities

Theresa Cheng (’21), incoming Fellow at Bay Area Legal Aid, contributed an opinion to MedPage Today calling for congressional action and transparency surrounding a surge in COVID-19 infections among people in ICE custody and recommending decarceration, reducing inter-facility transfers, and consistent access to single-dose vaccines to limit the spread (“COVID Is Spreading Like Wildfire in ICE Facilities,” July 31). “Since the start of the pandemic, the agency has left no doubt as to its inability to manage COVID-19 in its facilities. Not only have case numbers been sky high, but the agency has continually failed to accurately and transparently report the true toll of the virus among those in its custody. While it's too late for those who have died in its custody, the agency must do what it can now to prevent even more needless suffering.”