Scott Cummings Advocates Legal Protections for Los Angeles Sidewalk Vendors

Scott Cummings (’98), Professor at UCLA School of Law, coauthored an op-ed for the Los Angeles Times challenging current requirements that create barriers for sidewalk food vendors and outlining targeted reforms to promote vendor opportunity and protect public health (“Hands Off Our Taco Carts! Small Legal Changes Would Protect Vendors,” Aug. 9). “That street taco you have been craving was supposed to be legal by now. Instead, thousands of sidewalk food vendors in Los Angeles remain unpermitted, denied the dream of entrepreneurialism by laws that undercut food safety principles they claim to protect. . . . In this pivotal moment, as many in government work to address inequality worsened by the pandemic, we must prioritize equitable public health standards that promote economic justice. This includes addressing the needs of low-income sidewalk vendors so that they can finally serve your tacos and other iconic street food fare with the full legal protection they, and you, deserve.”