Rosario Lozada Advises “Go Gently” in Helping Lawyers Process Grief

Rosario Lozada (’97), Chair of the Association of American Law Schools’ Section on Balance in Legal Education and Professor at Florida International University College of Law, authored an article for the ABA Journal on grieving the loss of her father, Elías Lozada, and offered guidance on acknowledging emotions, feeling and grieving (“A Lawyer’s Primer on Loss: Grieving the Death of a Parent,” July 28). “Above all, be gentle with yourself. . . . Unlike a legal argument, grief does not follow a formula; it does not have a beginning, a middle or an end. . . . In law, we use emotion as a tool of persuasion. When emotion does not serve our objective, we eliminate it. In grief, however, what we resist, persists. . . . The process of grieving may linger for years. In time, we may carry our grief with greater ease and grace.”

For those seeking mental health support resources, the ABA has a mental health resources page for lawyers.”