Rebecca Vallas Leads Efforts to Bring SSI Benefits up to the Federal Poverty Level

Rebecca Vallas (’09), Senior Fellow at the Century Foundation, was quoted in several publications on the campaign to bring Supplemental Security Income benefits up to the federal poverty level for seniors and people with disabilities. Rebecca called the current effort “the logical next step of what we saw in 2017 and 2018, when the disability community and the senior community came together to fight in lock step to protect the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid.” (“How Disabled Americans Are Pushing to Overhaul a Key Benefits Program,” The New York Times, July 30, updated Aug. 6). “Decades of Congressional neglect mean that SSI—a critical program that should be protecting people from poverty—now instead traps disabled people and seniors in deep and enduring poverty when it’s supposed to be giving them a lifeline out of it. A moment like this pandemic potentially presents as an opportunity for a paradigm shift.” (“Democrats Want to Reform This Program That Helps Poor Elderly and Disabled Americans,” Time, July 22). “The only thing that would be more shameful than how long Congress has already forgotten about SSI would be to leave it behind yet again, when a rounding error in the reconciliation bill would change millions of disabled people’s and seniors’ lives.” (“Where the Push to Bring Supplemental Security Income Benefits up to Federal Poverty Level Stands,” CNBC, Aug. 11).