Chaumtoli Huq Considers the Human Cost of Economic Inequality in the Year of Bangladesh’s 50th Anniversary

Chaumtoli Huq (’99), Associate Professor of Law at CUNY School of Law, published a piece in The Business Standard spotlighting Bangladesh’s unequal prosperity and calling for economic policy changes including overhauling rural development programs, focusing on sustainable agriculture, and investing in the national agricultural economy to ensure food security (“Economic Progress: At Whose Expense?” Aug. 4). “Economic progress is not limited to abstract data and statistics, conveniently hiding human suffering. It also impacts the lives of the individuals earnestly pedalling the rickshaws to earn a living. Bangladesh’s economic prosperity has been built on the backs of its poor population, yet they are not the true beneficiaries of such prosperity. . . . If we are genuinely interested in economic development policies where all segments of our population benefit, then we need to critically examine and radically change our economic policies and laws. . . . Only when economic progress reaches the most vulnerable and unfortunate in our society, can we say we have made true progress."