Alexandra Brodsky Speaks to HuffPost about Her New Book, Sexual Justice

Alexandra Brodsky (’16), Staff Attorney at Public Justice, was interviewed by HuffPost regarding her new book, Sexual Justice: Supporting Victims, Ensuring Due Process, And Resisting The Conservative Backlash, why she’s arguing for more institutional intervention in cases of sexual harm, and why a fair process is good for both the accuser and the accused (“When ‘Due Process’ Is Weaponized to Protect Powerful Men,” Aug. 24). “Public debate about due process in the context of sexual harm is built on this assumption that the only fair process is a criminal trial. Anything that deviates from that is going to seem like a kangaroo court. But I think it’s important to recognize that courts are not the only institutions that can investigate and adjudicate sexual harm. Sexual harm isn’t just a criminal matter, and recognizing that fact will really help to clarify the public debate. . . . We have to remember both the importance of due process as a legal matter and the importance of fair process as an ethical matter.” On the limitations of the criminal legal system in addressing sexual harm, Alexandra noted, “[E]ven if the criminal legal system’s approach to sexual assault was vastly improved, it would still not be able to provide survivors all that they need. . . . [T]he criminal legal system is never going to be able to get a survivor switched out of a shift that she shares with a harasser at work. It’s never going to be able to get a survivor an extension on a paper a week after he’s assaulted. We’re always going to need to call on other institutions and communities to provide those kinds of remedies.”