Alexandra Brodsky Advocates for Union Support of Vaccination Requirements

Alexandra also published an opinion in The Daily Beast discussing the right to a safe and healthy workplace and how unions may consider vaccinations as a form of solidarity (“Unions Are Repeating an Old Mistake by Fighting Vaccine Mandates,” Aug. 5). “Isn’t a safe working environment as much a part of workplace justice as protections from termination? Why not embrace vaccination requirements as a union demand, not just a union concession? . . . “[U]nions might reasonably demand the opportunity to negotiate with employers to make sure vaccination policies are drafted sensibly, as the American Federation of Teachers has done. They should make efforts to promote access and education so mandates don’t have disparate impacts on marginalized racial and socioeconomic groups. . . . But they should avoid the mistake many made with sexual harassment, placing the desires of a few bad actors above the wellbeing of their whole membership.”