Cynthia Godsoe Examines Nonprosecution Agreements in the Context of the Bill Cosby Case

Cynthia Godsoe (’99), Associate Professor at Brooklyn Law School, coauthored an article for Slate discussing prosecutorial lessons learned from the Bill Cosby sexual assault case and the need for proper documentation and transparency in nonprosecution agreements (“Bruce Castor Botched the Cosby Case Even Worse Than It Seems,” July 3). “Castor did his own office and the public a great disservice. . . . Imagine for a moment the defendant in question wasn’t someone as powerful or wealthy as Bill Cosby. Would we want any defendant to rely on a former prosecutor’s memory as to what transpired? What’s worse, when the district attorney’s office fails to act in a transparent manner, especially as to historically underprosecuted crimes such as sexual assault, it undermines its own legitimacy and the public’s trust in the criminal justice system.”