Carl Charles Celebrates Two State Wins for Transgender Rights

Carl Charles (’14), Staff Attorney at Lambda Legal, was quoted in two Lambda Legal pieces regarding recent New York and Alaska state victories in the movement to protect transgender rights. “Lambda Legal’s lawsuit on behalf of Mx. Sander Saba, along with Governor Cuomo’s commitment to sign the Gender Recognition Act into law, will finally rid New York of a discriminatory and outdated policy. . . . This change will bring New York up to date with the 19 other states and the District of Columbia that maintain policies respecting the lives of nonbinary people and giving them access to accurate identity documents and the ability to be fully themselves in their day-to-day lives.” (“VICTORY: New York State Commits to Issuing Accurate Drivers Licenses and State ID Cards with ‘X’ Gender Marker.” June 23). Carl also stated, “Transition-related health care is essential health care, full stop. Our clients are delighted that the State of Alaska, at long last, recognized that fact. Our clients and other transgender Alaskans will no longer endure the physical, mental, and stigmatizing harm caused by exclusions in the state Medicaid program. This is a significant step toward ensuring the health and safety of all transgender Alaskans, at a time when access to health care is more important than ever.” (“VICTORY! Alaska Removes Medicaid Ban on Transition-Related Health Care,” June 29).