Udi Ofer Urges Biden to End the Threat of Return to Prison for People in Home Confinement

Udi Ofer (’01), Deputy National Political Director of the ACLU and Director of the ACLU’s Justice Division, contributed an opinion to The Hill urging President Biden to rescind Trump’s order imposing a post-pandemic deadline on home confinement and use clemency authority to further reduce federal sentences for people serving them at home (“President Biden Can Prevent over 4,000 People from Being Sent Back to Prison,” May 19). “President Biden must at the very least allow people to serve the rest of their sentences at home. Anything less would needlessly hurt thousands of people. Yet President Biden should go further, and use his power of clemency, as requested by congressional lawmakers, to commute the sentences of people who are already living at home not posing a public safety threat. Doing so will protect lives and also allow President Biden to meet his campaign pledge to help end mass incarceration by reducing the federal prison population.”