Rebecca Hall’s New Book Recounts Enslaved Women’s Fight against Their Oppressors

Historian Rebecca Hall (’89) was featured in The Guardian on the childhood quest for heroes and passion project inspired by her grandmother, Harriet Thorpe, that became her new book, Wake: The Hidden History of Women-Led Slave Revolts. (“Secret History: The Warrior Women Who Fought Their Enslavers,” May 16). “If you’re a black child, you learn about slavery but you don’t learn about slave resistance or slave revolt in America. But if you’re taught the history of resistance, that our people fought every step of the way, that is a recovery that is crucial to our pride in our humanity and our strength and struggle. So the issue of slave resistance is something I think everyone should know about.” On the book’s graphic memoir format, Rebecca also noted, “The combination provides a way to look almost simultaneously into the past and the present, which was crucial for this story because it’s about haunting and the relationship between slavery, the United States and the current issues that we have today.”