Peter Rundlet Calls for Closing the Digital Divide with Access to Inclusive Technology

Peter Rundlet (’95), Vice President of AARP International, contributed an article to Generations Today discussing promoting digital equity through private-sector investment, policy frameworks supporting inclusion and access, age-inclusive design and digital literacy training for all (“Digital Equity: A Human Right Whose Time Has Come,” May-June). “In many ways, the pandemic has been a profound exercise in empathy: for the first time, many of us are experiencing what it is like to be alone, afraid and isolated. . . . The pandemic made absolute what was already becoming clear: access to digital technology and high-speed internet is about access to everything else—essential health information, education and training, our work and our jobs, the ability to purchase goods and services, our entertainment and, perhaps most importantly, our ability to communicate and stay connected to one another. . . . [C]losing the digital divide has become a fundamental issue of equity and social justice—and it must be seen as such by policymakers and the public alike.”