Nicole Hallett Reports on How Surveillance Data Collection Poses Threat to Immigrant Communities

Nicole Hallett (’10), Law Professor and Director of the Immigrants’ Rights Clinic at the University of Chicago, was quoted in an AP News article featuring her report (The Digital Deportation Machine: How Surveillance Technology Undermines Chicago’s Welcoming City Policy) calling for strengthening Chicago’s sanctuary protections to provide transparency on how the Chicago police department processes personal information and requiring that information cannot be shared on immigration-related offenses (“Study Suggests More Loopholes in Chicago’s Sanctuary Law,” June 1). According to the report, “The sizable trove of information about Chicago residents in the hands of the police creates an enormous danger for the city’s immigrant communities,” as Chicago police “continue to use a vast network of technologies, which Immigration and Customs Enforcement can employ to target immigrants despite the Welcoming City Ordinance’s protections.” Nicole noted, “It’s very unclear to us what sort of check is being done to make sure that the reason that information is being requested is valid.”