Eunice Cho and ACLU Report on ICE’s Failure to Protect People in Detention Facilities during Pandemic

Eunice Cho (’10), Senior Staff Attorney at the ACLU National Prison Project, was quoted in a Mother Jones article citing the report she edited, which detailed the Stories of People Released from ICE Detention During the COVID-19 Pandemic (“ICE Allowed COVID-19 Breakouts and Concealed Hospitalizations, a New Report Shows,” May 11). Following the ACLU’s filing of over 40 lawsuits leading to the release of more than 800 people from detention, this report highlights their personal experiences and recommends closing detention centers and replacing them with community-based case management programs, immediately releasing medically vulnerable, consistent vaccination access, transparency regarding COVID-19 hospitalizations, and investigations of deaths in custody and deaths related to in-custody treatment. “Without that information, we’re never going to get a sense of the actual scale of very serious suffering that happened as a result of COVID-19 and ICE detention.”