Catherine Powell Revisits the "Color of Covid" in the Context of the American Jobs and American Family Plans

Catherine Powell (’94), Fordham University School of Law Professor, contributed an article to ThinkGlobalHealth considering how Biden’s recovery proposals might address racial and gender justice paradoxes of pandemic and highlighting the care economy as the future of work (“The Color of COVID After Biden's First 100 Days,” May 13). “While extremely laudable, it's worth unpacking how the dichotomy between these two proposals reinforces the gender divide between the job market and the family. . . . Given the political debate about what counts as infrastructure, the division between supporting physical infrastructure (in the Jobs Plan) and our critical human infrastructure of care (in the Family Plan) risks creating a hierarchy of legislative priorities. . . . [T]he Biden team will need to help America—and the world—realize that the future of work and the future of families are intertwined. And by placing women, and especially women of color, at the center of the legislative framework, our lawmakers will create more effective solutions for us all.”