Cassie Chambers Armstrong Celebrates a Win as Louisville Metro Council Passes “Right to Counsel” for Low-Income Families Facing Evictions

Cassie Chambers Armstrong (’16), Councilmember for Louisville, KY, was quoted in the Louisville Courier Journal after Louisville Metro Council members voted 22-4 in favor of the ordinance she proposed, establishing free eviction representation provided by the Legal Aid Society and the Coalition for the Homeless and funded with $400,000 from the American Rescue Plan (“Louisville Approves Free Legal Services for Low-Income Families Facing Eviction,” Apr. 22). “In civil proceedings, like evictions, people have no right to legal representation and they have no one to explain how the legal process works. That matters particularly in evictions because of the high stakes. . . . Personally, I think it's an important thing for our city to invest in in an ongoing way.”