Aisa Villarosa Reports on Racial and Gender Economic Inequities of Rising Child Care Costs for California Families

Aisa Villarosa (’11), Associate Director of Policy and Advocacy at the Insight Center for Community Economic Development, coauthored an opinion for the San Francisco Chronicle discussing her findings on “The Cost of Being Californian,” a report analyzing census data to map economic stability by race and gender, indicating skyrocketing child care costs surpassing housing as the highest expense (“Open Forum: Having Kids Is Becoming a White Privilege in California,” May 10). “Our data indicates that the very act of starting a family is becoming a white privilege here in California. The first batches of 2020 census data affirm this, with California reporting its slowest population increase since 1900 — growth that has historically been led by households of color. . . . While these statistics are staggering, a more equitable path forward exists. Government investments clearly must be made in housing, child care, utilities and other public goods. . . . We can't continue to allow the color of people's skin to be the determining factor in whether they can afford to start a family.”