Toby Merrill Presses Urgency of Action on Student Loans to the Biden Administration’s Department of Education

Toby Merrill (’12), Director of Harvard Law Legal Services Center’s Project on Predatory Student Lending, was quoted in a Politico article regarding the need for action by Secretary Miguel Cardona’s Department of Education on student loan forgiveness, erasing debts to for-profit colleges, and rescinding DeVos-era policies deregulating state oversight of federal student loan servicers (“Progressives Escalate Fight Over Education Department Student Loan Office,” Mar. 15). “They should be moving faster — I know they just got a secretary but there’s so much that doesn’t rise to that level that they could be doing. . . . It’s unbelievably outrageous that a whole list of policies and easy-to-change positions persist. . . . We’ve got to push from the get-go because we don’t have time to wait for the new administration to do the right thing.”