Monica Andrade-Fannon Proposes Reforms to End Racial Profiling of Immigrant Drivers in Michigan

Monica Andrade-Fannon (’17), Attorney with the ACLU of Michigan, contributed an opinion to the Detroit Free Press discussing the ACLU’s ground-breaking report following a lawsuit to obtain information on border patrol involvement in traffic stops profiling immigrants in Michigan (“Border Patrol Tried to Hide Its Racial Profiling In Michigan — Then ACLU Sued,” Mar. 25). “After fighting five years in court, CBP [U.S. Customs and Border Protection] finally released thousands of documents spanning nine years. . . . What we uncovered put in stark relief what we and immigrant rights groups throughout Michigan had been hearing anecdotally for years: Border Patrol makes extensive use of racial profiling to target immigrants from Latin America and other people of color throughout Michigan. . . . We must fundamentally reform CBP and restrict Border Patrol enforcement to the immediate border, put a stop to state and local entanglement with federal immigration officials, which leads to further racial profiling and the prolonged roadside detention of Michiganders, and end discriminatory policing practices.”