Eric Baudry Condemns Employer Practice of Worker Misclassification and Counsels Remediation during Tax Season

Fellow Eric Baudry (’20), Staff Attorney with Mid-Minnesota Legal Aid's Low Income Taxpayer Clinic, published a column in the Duluth News Tribune highlighting how companies gain by misclassifying workers at the expense of both the workers and the state (“Statewide View: This Tax Season, Don't Let Misclassification Claim Your Refund,” Apr. 8). “When misclassification occurs, workers lose. They’re deprived of critical labor benefits and protections, from minimum wage and overtime rights, from unemployment insurance and workers’ compensation benefits, and from the right to unionize. They also often pay more in taxes. . . . By removing employee benefits and evading tax obligations, a company that misclassifies its workforce can reduce its total labor cost by as much as 30%. Tax season presents an ideal moment for workers to identify and challenge their own misclassification.”