Alexandra Brodsky Discusses Calls for “Due Process” in Response to Sexual Harassment Allegations against Governor Cuomo

Alexandra Brodsky (’16), Staff Attorney with Public Justice, penned a piece for The Nation examining generational responses to sexual harassment allegations against Governor Cuomo and the complexities in applying “due process” (“Why ‘Due Process’ Isn’t a Solution to the Cuomo Allegations,” Mar. 22). “Political judgments like these are inherently indeterminate. I have my own answer, based on my assessment of the reported accounts and Cuomo’s responses. But there is no incontrovertible rule to point the way, as the calls for ‘due process’ suggest. I’ve heard enough. Some people haven’t. Many want Cuomo to be governor, and plenty of others don’t. And I’d rather we be honest about the messy project before us than pretend there is a neat legalistic answer.”