Rey Fuentes Touts the Benefits of the PRO Act in Easing the Path to Unionization

Rey Fuentes (’19), Current Fellow at the Partnership for Working Families, was quoted in the Daily Journal regarding various benefits of the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act, which passed the House on March 9th. Ray noted the “the raw deal workers are getting from companies” and cited a 2016 Economic Policy Institute report showing union memberships can help close racial wage gaps (“Labor Overhaul May Not Pass Congress, but Could Make Policy,” Mar. 5). “The entire legislation is premised on this idea that unionization is growing in popularity ... and an important tool to address income inequality in this country. That's what animates so much of the PRO Act. . . . [A]lmost everything the PRO Act is attempting to do is streamline the process of unionization.” Rey further noted the bill's election procedures could mitigate protracted processes where “even after an election is done –and that can be years – the employer can continue to avoid bargaining ... in good faith by objecting to how the election was performed. That's a huge benefit of the PRO Act, is it would attempt to re-level the playing field.”