Ray Brescia Calls for a Commission to Investigate the January 6th Capitol Attack

Ray Brescia (’92), Professor of Law at Albany Law School, contributed an opinion to The Hill, discussing the value of establishing a commission similar to the one formed following 9/11, that could examine the events of January 6, what led to them, and the steps necessary to prevent them in the future (“A Better Way to Investigate the Jan. 6 Capitol Attack,” Feb. 18). “A full investigation, with witnesses, might permit the nation to gain some sense of the complete truth and achieve some sense of national closure that would allow us to move forward, with a stronger and healthier democracy. . . . [T]he commission . . . would be made up of former lawmakers of both parties, and could include law enforcement officials and skilled trial attorneys. With such personnel in the fold, the commission could conduct a full and effective investigation while not distracting sitting elected officials from the most immediate tasks at hand: ending the pandemic and rebuilding our economy.”