“On the Precipice of Mass Evictions” – Oscar Londoño Addresses Pandemic Rental Relief for Undocumented Immigrants

Oscar Londoño (’17), Executive Director of WeCount!, was quoted in a Miami Herald piece regarding a $60.8 million pandemic relief program covering unpaid rent for Miami-Dade residents, including those undocumented (“Undocumented Immigrants Eligible for Miami-Dade’s $61 Million Rent Relief Program,” Mar. 5). “As an organization, we have been fighting for an equitable recovery for all, and we commend our local government for taking steps to make that a reality.” However, the assistance is “not broadcast as being open to undocumented immigrants, and the application materials and form deter certain undocumented immigrants from applying.” Oscar further noted, “Across the board, our members, those with papers and without, are facing an unprecedented housing crisis. Without rent relief, most of them are on the precipice of mass evictions.”