Nina Kohn Addresses Lethal Vaccine Delays and Liability Shield Dangers for Older Adults

Nina Kohn (’03), Professor of Law at Syracuse University College of Law and a faculty affiliate with the Syracuse University Aging Studies Institute, was quoted in the Chicago Tribune regarding strengthening vaccination efforts for vulnerable patients in assisted living, including involving local pharmacies and limiting workers to only one facility to prevent viral spread (“‘These Delays Are Lethal.’ Advocates Urge Illinois to Get More Pharmacies Involved in Vaccinating Residents at Assisted Living Sites.” Jan. 29). “These delays are lethal. The devastation we’re seeing in nursing homes is not inevitable. There’s so much that can be done to stop the unnecessary deaths we’re seeing. . . . Early indications are that using local pharmacies can help, because you are bringing additional resources to bear on the problem.” Nina was also quoted in a U.S. News article regarding the dangers posed by the liability shield with regard to nursing home staffing and patient protections (“AG Slams NY's Legal Shield for Nursing Homes, Hospitals,” Jan. 29). “If they’re not going to be held accountable for harm to residents and they’re going to be paid either way, you’ll have a certain percentage of facilities who made the business decision to engage in practices that unreasonably endanger the resident. They’re accepting residents in many cases knowing they have staffing shortages, knowing they’re not equipped to meet their needs.”