Jessica Beheydt’s Bloomington, IN Expungement Help Desk Assists with Reentry and Restoring Civil Rights

Jessica Beheydt (’19), was quoted in The Indiana Lawyer discussing the work of the Bloomington, IN Expungement Help Desk which she and fellow IU law students founded, and the extraordinary impact expungement petitions and driver’s license reinstatement applications can have on their clients’ lives (“Pro Bono Matters: Expungement Clinics a Great Chance To Provide a Second Chance,” Mar. 3). “In most of our state, we don’t have public transit. So to get to work, you’re going to keep driving, and you’re going to get pulled over. I’ve seen people who have multiple lifetime suspensions because they couldn’t figure out how to get rid of a 20-year speeding ticket that they couldn’t afford to pay.”