Hugh Baran Discusses Government Enforcement of Employment Laws in Securing Workplace Rights

Hugh Baran (’19), Senior Staff Attorney at the National Employment Law Project, was quoted in a Law360 article regarding ways the U.S. Department of Labor can exercise enforcement to help workers subject to arbitration agreements that preclude litigating wage and hour claims in court (“Workplace Arbitration Gets Renewed Scrutiny In Biden Era,” Feb. 10). “There has been settled Supreme Court precedent since the early 2000s ... that a private employment arbitration requirement doesn't bind a government agency or preclude it from bringing its own enforcement actions.” Hugh noted that the DOL “can provide for disclosure of the use of forced arbitration from federal contractors. The administration can also go a step further and potentially bar federal contractors from using forced arbitration.” Hugh also advocated for the return of an Obama-era attorney referral program. “It's always been recognized that private enforcement is critical. That concept of trying to refer people out to private attorneys, we think, is a really good one.”