Eunice Cho Calls on Biden to End ICE’s Contracts with Private Prison Companies

Eunice Cho (’10), Senior Staff Attorney at the ACLU National Prison Project, contributed an opinion to The Washington Post discussing the rapid expansion of privately run immigration detention facilities under Trump and advocating for Biden’s phase-out of federal contracts with private prison companies to include ICE facilities (“Opinion: Biden Is Ending the Justice Department’s Contracts with Private Prisons. Now End ICE’s.” Jan. 28). “Shutting down immigration detention facilities run by private prison companies should not be the end goal alone: All immigration detention facilities, including those run by county and state prisons, are plagued by dangerous conditions and abuse of detained people. Instead, we can and should use the many proven alternatives to detention, including legal support and community-based case management systems where immigrants can receive the support of their friends, family and community as they navigate their civil immigration court proceedings.”