Catherine Powell’s Article on the Color and Gender of COVID Cited by The New York Times

Catherine Powell (’94), Fordham University School of Law Professor, was cited in The New York Times including a link to her Think Global Health article, “The Color and Gender of COVID: Essential Workers, Not Disposable People,” June 4, 2020, on COVID’s disproportionate impact on women of color as essential workers in the pandemic economy (“The Lockdown Showed How the Economy Exploits Women. She Already Knew.” Feb. 17). “Catherine Powell . . . described a ‘racial-justice paradox’ in which Black and brown Americans are ‘more likely to be unemployed due to the impacts of the pandemic on the labor market,’ but are simultaneously ‘overrepresented among essential workers who must stay in their jobs, particularly lower-skilled positions, where they are at greater risk of exposure to the virus.’ This paradox has cost thousands of people their lives.”