Cassandra Stubbs Calls on Biden to Commute All Federal Death Sentences and Abolish the Federal Death Penalty

Cassandra Stubbs (’01), Director of the Capital Punishment Project at the ACLU, published a piece on the ACLU website discussing the federal government’s execution of 13 people during the final months of the Trump administration, the Supreme Court’s failure to conduct constitutional review, and the need for President Biden to grant row-wide clemency to the 49 people on federal death row and end the federal death penalty (“Atrocities of the Federal Death Penalty,” Feb. 2). “The death penalty all too often is reserved not for the worst of the worst, but the most broken of the broken. . . . Our government betrayed our national commitment to justice by carrying out these depraved and amoral executions. We know now that we cannot depend on either the federal government or the Supreme Court to act within the bounds of the Constitution or decency. This aggressive, unlawful, and unjustified action requires a strong moral response. President Biden, who ran on his opposition to the death penalty, can and should work for repeal. But most importantly, he must commute the sentences of everyone on federal death row.”