Alexandra Brodsky Considers Sexual Harassment Claims Raised Against Governor Cuomo and Calls for Immediate Action

Alexandra Brodsky (’16), Staff Attorney with Public Justice, contributed an opinion to The Daily Beast regarding Governor Cuomo’s response to Charlotte Bennett’s sexual harassment allegations and the role of an investigation in the wake of his failure to explicitly deny them (“Charlotte Bennett Says Andrew Cuomo Sexually Harassed Her—and He’s Not Really Denying It,” Feb. 28). “A procedurally sound inquiry, shielded from political influence, will be more likely to get to the truth, promote public faith in the outcome, and encourage others to come forward in the future. Such an investigation into Boylan’s allegations, which Cuomo has categorically denied, is certainly necessary. . . . If the governor disputes Bennett’s account, an investigation is necessary. If he doesn’t, politicians need to decide whether they think Cuomo should be removed in light of that conduct—and say so, now. I, for one, think he should. I bet a bunch of voters agree.”