“More Justice for More People” – Aaron Fischer Celebrates Judge Jack B. Weinstein’s Impact

Aaron Fischer (’06), civil rights and disability rights attorney, contributed a perspective to the Daily Journal honoring Judge Jack B. Weinstein and his vision of a collective national endeavor, championing just and equitable civic response in cases where large groups of people experience harm (“Jack Weinstein at 100: A Visionary for Our Legal Institutions in 2021,” Mar. 3). Aaron, who clerked for Judge Fisher from 2008-2009, recalled, “One particular image stands out for me. At criminal sentencing hearings, Judge Weinstein would sit at a table directly across from the person he was sentencing to prison. Family members were invited to sit at the table, too. Judge Weinstein sat close enough that he could – and did – hand a tissue to the crying mother of a young man going to prison. He listened to their experiences, seeking to understand them as a fellow human and not merely a perpetrator of a criminal act. That may be the ultimate lesson that Judge Weinstein has to teach us in 2021. People need to be and feel seen by their government. They need to be and feel seen by the government officials with power – a power that is, after all, given to them by the people.”