Cathy Ruckelshaus and Ben Sachs Discuss Labor Policies Biden May Enact to Champion Workers

Cathy Ruckelshaus (’89), General Counsel and Legal Director at the National Employment Law Project, and Ben Sachs (’99), Professor of Labor and Industry at Harvard Law School, were consulted by The New York Times regarding the Biden administration’s opportunity to shift labor policy in favor of workers through certain regulation and enforcement actions (“How Biden Can Move His Economic Agenda Without Congress,” Dec. 15, updated Jan. 14). On the prospect of re-establishing Obama-era policies sanctioning employers who failed to pay workers under minimum-wage or overtime requirements, Cathy noted, “Just getting back wages in small amounts doesn’t provide any incentives for companies to comply.” Ben also discussed the possibility of sectoral bargaining with respect to gig workers organizing for wages and benefits with the help of a union, if the National Labor Relations Board exercises a legal provision allowing the federal government to cede jurisdiction to the states for regulating labor in certain industries.