Anika Singh Lemar Challenges Woodbridge, CT’s Exclusionary Zoning Practices

Yale Law Professor Anika Singh Lemar (’05) and her students in the Legal Services Organization were profiled in the CT Mirror for bringing an application before the Woodbridge, CT Planning and Zoning Commission to overhaul local zoning regulations and allow the town’s “fair share” of affordable housing to be built (“Civil Rights Attorneys Take Aim at Single-Family Zoning Using Woodbridge as Test Case,” Sep. 29). “I wish we hadn’t had a generations-long underinvestment in civil rights enforcement in this country, including here in Connecticut. I wouldn’t want people to think that no Fair Housing Act claims have been brought because there’s no problems. I mean, they have happened, it just turns out there’s lots of barriers to people being able to enforce. . . . It is very common for wealthy towns to use their wealth to purchase land that might otherwise be developed as affordable housing.”