Scott Colom Brings Fighting Spirit to the Role of District Attorney, Promoting Transparency

Scott Colom (’09) graced the cover of Progress magazine for a profile of his work as District Attorney for the Sixteenth Circuit Court of Mississippi. Tracing his journey to defeating a 26-year incumbent in becoming (and being re-elected unopposed) the first ever Black district attorney in a majority white district in Mississippi, Scott reflected on everything from his mom’s admonition against boxing, to his community’s strength in activism and his own hope for the future (“Truth to Power,” Fall 2020). Scott attended peaceful protests, offering a bridge to the legal system and championed his community: “It was an important moment in the history of Columbus where the people showed what type of community we have. . . . We have so much potential because of the nature of our diversity. Slowly and slowly, we’re breaking down those stereotypes, those prejudices and those biases. Once people see that another person isn’t different from them based on their race, I just feel like the sky is the limit.”