Showing Up When It Counts: Ingrid Eagly’s Data Repudiates Trump’s Claim that Migrants Evade Immigration Court Appearances

Ingrid Eagly (’95), Professor of Law at UCLA School of Law, coauthored an op-ed for the Los Angeles Times challenging President Trump’s claim that migrants “never come back” by referencing the recent study she co-authored for the University of Pennsylvania Law Review finding 83% of migrants asked to return to court attended all their hearings and spotlighting the systemic failure of immigration courts to communicate court dates (“Op-Ed: When Trump Says Immigrants Don’t Show up for Court Hearings, He Couldn’t Be More Wrong,” Oct. 29). “The Trump administration has consistently relied on claims that immigrants ‘never’ come to court to justify punitive turns in immigration policy such as keeping migrants locked in prisons, prosecuting asylum seekers for illegal entry and forcing vulnerable migrants into camps in Mexico while they await consideration they are entitled to under the law. The Trump administration cannot justify these policies based on data. The president’s falsehoods must not be allowed to stand unchallenged.”